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Training is an expensive yet essential component of any successful business.   We understand that perfectly.  Whether you are a 1000 key hotel or the sole proprietor of a small New England Bed & Breakfast, AHA's team of talented facilitators is now available to you! If it’s not feasible for you to have a custom designed property training in your organization, consider sending key talent from your team to one of our public workshops.


Everyone talks about great service being the key to success but most companies struggle with just how to effect it. Great service is not a merely a concept, it’s a culture - one that is developed from the inside out. Cultivate strong employee relationships and your ideal client relationships will follow.

Our workshops are amazingly innovative and impactful!  Just ask some of our world renowned clients.

We can help you get results by answering questions such as:


Most often management personnel lack the skill set to impart training and information to their teams in a manner that will achieve measurable effect.

The goal of this event is to prepare your managers for true success by placing tremendous importance on the idea of building positive, trusting relationships.

By setting specific goals (and this means homework!) your managers will have a new understanding of leadership by using accountability, action plans, preventative maintenance and specific objectives.

While building trust, affirming successes and employing skillful redirection, we impart the tools your managers need to build constructive relationships instead of fearful ones. We help each participant answer the question: "Would I follow me?".




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