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Nobody is doing what AHA is doing.  Our strength lies in our ability to ignite genuine enthusiasm for any audience.  Your team will begin to understand and appreciate your product and service concepts as never before

We’re exceptionally good at creating a level playing field for your diverse staff by invoking an authentic sense of individual employee's ownership of the guest experience. 

As we continually custom design your programs we strive to keep the long and short courses energetic, dynamic and accessible. We are masters at turning theory into reality through dialogue, music, games, role-play, media and so much more.  .

In the last 2 years AHA has offered refresher trainings to over 30 hotels & all of them have experienced a sustained jump of 25-45% on Trip Advisor. Of the 6 brand new hotels we've opened, 4 of those remain in the top 5 on Trip Advisor for their respective markets.  One of our hotels continues for 3 years at number 1 in its market and has now been named, "#1 Boutique Hotel for 2010" by The Boutique and Lodging Association of America!


                                                      OUR SERVICES INCLUDE:


          Superior Service Classes

          Empowering Service Recovery Classes

          Train The Trainer Seminars & Leadership Skills Workshops

          Team Building Workshops

          Celebrating Diversity & Harassment Educational Programs


          Secret 'Mystery' Shopping

          Extensive Role-Play

          Rehearsal Work

          Service Shadows & Service Audits

          Compliance Work







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